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The Seven Principles Workshop for Couples

An 8-week workshop to strengthen your relationship

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Backed by Research

The Seven Principles couples workshop is effective because it is based on scientific evidence. By observing over 3,000 couples over four decades, Dr. Gottman was able to identify what differentiated stable from unstable marriages.

Improve Your Marriage

Couples will learn how to improve their friendship, enhance romance and intimacy, manage conflict constructively, gain skills to address perpetual and solvable problems, create shared meaning, and maintain gains throughout a lifetime.


The Seven Principles couples workshop is psycho-educational meaning that it will teach you the knowledge and skills necessary to see positive changes in your marriage. Couples will not be required to share their personal problems with others.

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What to Expect

The Seven Principles Class Experience

In the Seven Principles couples workshop, you and your spouse as well as a group of other couples will meet with a Gottman Leader once a week for 1.5-2 hours on Zoom. Though optional, it will be encouraged for you to prepare for each class by reading a chapter from The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work book by John M. Gottman.

Each class will consist of a lecture and a Couples Exercise. Couples Exercises are completed in each individual's workbook and are done privately between couples. Couples will not share their personal problems with others. Extra optional Couples Exercises are also assigned outside of class time.

Come ready to learn lots of valuable new information, practice fun and effective relationship-enhancing skills, and maybe even develop friendships with like-minded couples who are also making their relationship a priority.

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My Story

Jessica Veitch

Passionate Gottman Leader

Throughout my life, I have met too many people who are hurting inside because of how they feel about what’s going on (or not going on) in their marriage. This made me want to help couples in need and so I became a Gottman Leader.

My work as a Gottman Leader is complemented by my Family Studies major as well as my experience as a student researcher. In this role, I explored the topic of social connection as a fundamental human need under the supervision of Dr. Christine Tenk.

I am humbled to share my knowledge as well as Dr. Gottman’s research with the community and I can’t wait to see how it improves your marriage.

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Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming Workshops

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Have a question about the workshop or want to register? Please reach out using the contact info below.

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