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Class Materials

Class materials are required to take part in the workshop. Each couple will need 1 Seven Principles book and 2 workbooks. You are responsible for purchasing your own materials. Please allow three weeks for shipping if ordering print copies from the Gottman Store.

There are a few different options for obtaining the materials and approximate cost in Canadian dollars for each of them are as follows:

The Box Set $130

Hard copy of both the book and the workbooks plus Love Maps and Open-Ended Questions card decks

This is a great option for those who like to turn real pages! All class materials come in one beautiful box. 

Please allow three weeks for delivery of this item. The Box Set can be purchased here.

Digital Workbook $45

Only one digital workbook is needed if choosing this option

The digital workbook can be purchased here. You will only need one copy of the digital workbook but both partners will need to have their own notebooks to write in.

The Seven Principles Book $15 - $23

The Seven Principles Book is optional but highly recommended

The material from the book will be discussed in each class, but we recommend that you read the associated chapter before each class. The print copy can be purchased here or you can purchase the Kobo, Kindle, or audiobook versions.

Class Materials: Packages & Rates
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